Welcome to The CIOPORA Academy!

What is The CIOPORA Academy?

The CIOPORA Academy is a specialized training and certification program for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP) Protection in the  field of horticulture and advance their career.  The format is small group learning, with 10-15 participants in each ‘classroom’.

How is The CIOPORA Academy structured?

The CIOPORA Academy combines learning and networking. It encompasses all areas of IP Protection in horticulture, such as Plant  Breeders Rights, Patents, trademarks and more. Different program levels ensure participants receive the maximum benefit.

Courses are taught around the world – including your country – and include networking socials. Program lecturers are renowned experts in the field of IP for plants and experienced practitioners.

Who should enroll?

The CIOPORA Academy offers courses for breeders, propagators & growers and traders working in horticulture. Programs within the academy are also beneficial for intellectual property experts and lawyers wishing to expand their knowledge in this ever-changing industry.

What is the cost?

Cost of the  programs depends on the topic, the location and  the number of courses in which an  attendee participates. Reductions  are available  for CIOPORA members, supporters, and those who wish to participate in multiple levels of The CIOPORA Academy.

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