Workshops & Webinars on IP for Plants


What is The CIOPORA Academy?

The CIOPORA Academy is a specialized international education program on IP for plants tailored to the needs of the green sector. The formats include small-group workshops held several times a year in different locations across the world and live webinars. Our lecturers are renowned IP experts and experienced legal practitioners.

Who should enroll?

The CIOPORA Academy offers workshops and webinars for breeders, propagators, growers, traders active in horticulture, as well as students of agricultural and horticultural specializations. Our workshops may also be beneficial for IPR managers, IP lawyers, in-house counsels and patent attorneys looking to expand their expertise in the unique area of plant IP.

What will I learn?

The CIOPORA Academy combines learning and networking. It encompasses all areas of IP Protection relevant to players of the green business, including but not limited to Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR), Plant Patents, Patents for plant-related inventions, and Trademarks for plant products. The webinars are broadcasted live with two sessions each to accommodate all time zones.

What is the cost?

Workshop and webinar fees vary and depend on topics, location and the number of modules offered in each workshop/webinar. CIOPORA members and supporters enjoy 50% discount on all regular rates. The program also offers up to 70% discounts for enrolled students. Students: please reach out to us for more information!

The CIOPORA Breeding Academy Speakers
Dr. Hanne Volpin

Dr. Hanne Volpin

Ag-biotech Consultant, Israel

Dr Hanne Volpin has been active in horticulture and agriculture R&D for over three decades. After receiving her BSc in Agriculture, Field and Vegetable Crops in 1987 and acquiring her PhD in Agriculture, Plant Protection, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) in 1995, Hanne worked in the academic field as a Post Doc Research Scientist at UC Davis (USA) and, later, at the Department of Plant Genetics of the Volcani Center in Israel. In 1999, she launched her industry career serving as a Head of Bioinformatics services at Compugen Ltd (Israel), a Program Scientist at Keygene NV (NL) and Breeding Director at Hazera Seeds (Israel). From 2014 to 2019, Hanne was with Danziger Innovations heading the company’s R&D program and serving as Deputy CEO. Since 2019, Hanne has been an independent consultant utilizing her expertise in scientific, technical and organizational issues at various Ag-biotech companies.






Dr. Pere Arús

Dr. Pere Arús

Plant & Animal Researcher at IRTA/CRAG, Spain

Dr. Pere Arús is agricultural engineer (Universitat de València, 1974) and PhD in Genetics (University of California, Davis, 1984). His areas of expertise include population genetics, crop evolution and plant breeding, and he has specialized in the use of molecular markers and other genomics tools in plant genetics and breeding. His current main interests are in four crops: peach, almond, strawberry and melon, where he works on the genetics and genomics of characters related with fruit quality and disease resistance, and in the development of marker-based breeding methods that allow to circumvent some of the limitations of breeding in clonally-reproduced tree crops. Dr. Arús is autor of more than 200 scientific publications and has had various management-related activities at IRTA: director of the Center of Cabrils (2007-2009) and Chief Scientist (2009-2015). He is one of the initiators of the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) and was its deputy director (2003-2018).

Dr. ir. Ellen De Keyser

Dr. ir. Ellen De Keyser

Senior Researcher at ILVO Plant, Belgium

Ellen graduated from Ghent University and started her career at ILVO in 2000. Over the course of her academic career, she has been involved in different projects on molecular genetics in azalea, including the development and implementation of several molecular marker techniques. She obtained her PhD (Ghent University) in 2010 on the interaction of phenotype, genotype and gene expression for flower colour and other plant quality traits in azalea. During her PhD, she became an expert in RT-qPCR optimization and analysis for gene expression studies. As such, she is responsible for the set-up of all RT-qPCR projects at ILVO-Plant. She is currently a Senior Researcher at ILVO – Plant Sciences Unit – Applied Genetics and Breeding and is involved in projects on molecular genetics and genomics in several field crops and ornamental plants. Currently, Ellen is working on implementation of the CRISPR/Cas technology in the framework of the ILVO research program. Recently, she has also become one of the contact persons for the open innovation platform of Living Lab Plant.

Dr Edgar Krieger

Dr Edgar Krieger

Secretary General of CIOPORA

Dr Krieger has extensive experience in the field of Intellectual Property Protection for plant innovation and has held the position of the CIOPORA Secretary General since 2004. Before CIOPORA, Dr Krieger worked as a lawyer at an international law firm specializing in IP protection, particularly Plant Breeders’ Rights, advising agricultural breeders in several hundred court cases up to the European Court of Justice. Dr Krieger holds a law degree from the University of Bonn and a degree in business administration from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. He completed his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Farmers’ Exemption in Germany” at the Philipps University of Marburg.

“The CIOPORA workshop held in August 2019 in St. Charles/Chicago was a great opportunity to meet with companies active in asexually propagated plants and discuss common challenges in the protection of our crops. The topics were timely and relevant. The session on UPOV, Breeder’s Exemption, and U.S. Plant Patent Law was particularly interesting, as it provided real-life examples of the cross-border legal scenarios. Thanks to the CIOPORA team for always putting together a thoughtful and well-run program"
Amy Martin, Driscoll's
Amy Martin
Director Legal Affairs at Driscoll’s, Inc.
"CIOPORA Academy workshop was a great opportunity to learn varying perspectives on plant IP. All topics presented had value as they pertain to my daily work; however, I was particularly interested in the topics on Utility Patents and Plant Variety Protection (PVP) for asexually reproduced plants. Both speakers provided in-depth analysis of the different scope of protections under these two systems. The comfortable atmosphere of the workshops at the Hotel Baker was a wonderful location to network with like-minded colleagues."
Jim R. Holm
Licensing Associate at Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.