11/11/21 – Climate Change in the Ornamental Sector – A Breeder’s Perspective

11/11/21 – Climate Change in the Ornamental Sector – A Breeder’s Perspective

The Ciopora Breeding Academy 2021:

Climate Change in the ornamental sector – A breeder’s perspective

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What will i learn?

Dr. Robert Boehm

Dr. Robert Boehm

Head of Molecular Breeding, Tissue Culture & Phytopathology at Klemm + Sohn GmbH & Co. KG/ Selecta One, Germany

After studying biology in Freiburg i. Breisgau (1988-1994), Robert Boehm obtained his Ph.D. at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, the University of Tübingen (Prof. Dr. Lutz Heide, 1999). He wrote his dissertation on metabolic engineering approaches to plant-derived therapeutic substances. In 1999, he joined Prof. Heide Schnabl’s group at the Institute of Plant Molecular Physiology and Biotechnology, Bonn University, to develop duckweed as an expression system for recombinant therapeutic proteins (molecular farming). To expand his expertise in plant biotechnology, he then spent some time at the Institute of Glycobiology at Oxford University as well as at the Institute of Agricultural Genetics in Hanoi/Viet Nam. Dr. Boehm is an expert in plant transformation and in vitro-culture and has worked as a lecturer at the Universities of Bonn and Dortmund.

In 2007, Dr. Robert Boehm joined Ornamental Bioscience GmbH as an R&D Manager. The company aimed to develop genetically engineered ornamental plants with improved tolerances against biotic and abiotic stress. In 2012, the company was taken over by Klemm + Sohn GmbH, a part of the Selecta one group. Selecta one is a leading breeder, producer, and marketer of vegetatively propagated ornamental plants worldwide. Here, Robert Boehm is heading the group´s central laboratory facility in Stuttgart, which includes plant pathogen diagnostic, in vitro culture, and biotechnological research.

The CIOPORA Breeding Academy is an education program designed specifically for plant breeders and R&D departments of the breeding companies. It provides advanced training in the latest breeding technologies, including New Breeding Techniques (NBT).

Webinar Syllabus:
Climate change has become a reality that impacts especially agriculture and the generation of food and feed. But also in the horticultural sector, there is a growing demand to prepare for the consequences of climate change.

This webinar will provide an overview of existing activities and future strategies to cope with climate change in the breeding of ornamentals. This encompasses not only the intensified breeding efforts for abiotic stress tolerance but also the development and selection of naturally stress-adapted plant species as new players on the market. In addition to crop adaptation to climate change, breeding companies can also contribute by implementing innovative technologies to reduce their CO2 footprint, finally becoming climate neutral.


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