17/06/2021 – Gene Editing: Regulatory Environment Across Jurisdictions

17/06/2021 – Gene Editing: Regulatory Environment Across Jurisdictions

The ciopora academy 2021

Webinar Series 2, Webinar 3:

Gene Editing: Regulatory Environment across jurisdictions.

Date & Sessions

Average session duration: ca. 75 min

Recommended for participants from Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand

8 am London
9 am CEST/Europe (Speaker)
3 pm Beijing, CN
5 pm Sydney, AUS
7 pm Wellington, NZ

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Recommended for participants from Europe and the Americas.

9 am US Pacific
11 am US Central
12 pm US Eastern
6 pm CEST/Europe (Speaker)

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What will I learn?

Gene editing has emerged in the last decade as a new and precise way of altering the genetic material of plants and animals. Being a relatively novel technique, since its introduction, gene editing has found a wide array of applications in different fields of research, with its inventors awarded the Nobel Prize in 2020.

This webinar will cover the current applications of gene editing in agricultural and horticultural crops around the globe in the last decade, highlighting major achievements in the field of plant breeding. Furthermore, the current regulatory environment of gene editing will be presented covering Europe (EU 27 + non-member states), as well as some major import and export markets and developing countries. The differences between policymakers’ approaches to gene editing regulation will be outlined, providing an overview of the current regulatory frameworks and explanations of specific regulations.


Dr. Thorben Sprink

Dr. Thorben Sprink

Senior Researcher at Julius Kuehn Institute for Biosafety in Plant Biotechnology
As a Senior Researcher at the Julius Kuehn Institute (Germany), Dr Thorben Sprink leads the Working Group for Genome Editing and Synthetic Biology. In his research activities, Thorben focuses on the development of new technologies for targeted genome modifications, driving research in the area of DNA-free CRISPR/CAS-Technologies and the analysis of the off-target events. Thorben has extensive expertise in the area of New Breeding Techniques regulations. He is a member of the International Society for Biosafety Research.


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  • June 17 – Webinar 3. Gene Editing: Regulatory Environment across Jurisdictions.

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