19/11/2020 – Advanced Introduction to NBT and other Molecular Breeding Technologies Leading to Potential EDVs

19/11/2020 – Advanced Introduction to NBT and other Molecular Breeding Technologies Leading to Potential EDVs

The ciopora breeding academy 2020

Webinar 3. Advanced Introduction to NBT and other Molecular Breeding Technologies
Leading to Potential EDVs. Introduction to EDV Concept.

What will I learn?

The CIOPORA Breeding Academy is a new education program designed specifically for plant breeders and R&D departments of the commercial breeding companies. It provides advanced training in the latest breeding technologies, including New Breeding Techniques (NBT), and the related regulatory aspects.

Webinar 3:

Part 1 by Dr. Ellen de Keyser: Mutagenesis or genome doubling are still most mentioned as EDV-inducing technologies. However, nowadays new technologies are arising that can induce mutations with surgical precision, the “New Breeding Techniques” (NBTs). But how do NBTs differ from the commonly used mutation breeding?

In Europe, NBT-derived plants are to be considered GMOs, hence also the differences with the current GM technologies will be outlined in the course of the webinar. However, also other, less known molecular breeding techniques are available to create an interesting new diversity of genotypes avoiding hurdle of the GM regulation.

In this webinar, a clear technical explanation will be given on both NBTs sensu stricto and the other new promising technologies that can create additional value for breeding companies while creating variation using molecular tools. It will also be briefly explained why these techniques may lead to creation of an EDV.


Part 2 by Dr. Edgar Krieger: The concept of Essentially Derived Variety (EDV) is one of the cornerstones of the UPOV 1991 Act, implemented to strengthen the right of original breeders. Based on the text of the UPOV 1991 Act, its Explanatory Notes on EDV, and PBR laws of selected UPOV members, the webinar will provide an overview of the basics of the EDV concept and will explain the requirements for a variety to be declared an EDV as well as the legal consequences of a variety being an EDV. A special reference will be made to EDV resulting from the use of New Breeding Techniques (NBT).

Date & Sessions

Average session duration: ca. 2 h

Recommended for participants from Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand

8:00 am London
9:00 am CET/Europe (Speakers)
10:00 am Jerusalem
11:00 am Moscow, RU
4:00 pm Beijing, CN
7:00 pm Sydney, AUS
9:00 pm Wellington, NZ

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Recommended for participants from Europe and the Americas.

09:00 am US Pacific
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12:00 pm US Eastern
06:00 pm CET/Europe
November 20, 06:00 am Wellington, NZ

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Dr. ir. Ellen De Keyser

Dr. ir. Ellen De Keyser

Senior Researcher at ILVO Plant, Belgium

Ellen graduated from Ghent University and started her career at ILVO in 2000. Over the course of her academic career, she has been involved in different projects on molecular genetics in azalea, including the development and implementation of several molecular marker techniques. She obtained her PhD (Ghent University) in 2010 on the interaction of phenotype, genotype and gene expression for flower colour and other plant quality traits in azalea. During her PhD, she became an expert in RT-qPCR optimization and analysis for gene expression studies. As such, she is responsible for the set-up of all RT-qPCR projects at ILVO-Plant. She is currently a Senior Researcher at ILVO – Plant Sciences Unit – Applied Genetics and Breeding and is involved in projects on molecular genetics and genomics in several field crops and ornamental plants. Currently, Ellen is working on implementation of the CRISPR/Cas technology in the framework of the ILVO research program. Recently, she has also become one of the contact persons for the open innovation platform of Living Lab Plant.

Dr. Edgar Krieger

Dr. Edgar Krieger

Secretary General of CIOPORA, Germany

Dr. Edgar Krieger has extensive experience in the field of Intellectual Property Protection for plant innovation and has held the position of the CIOPORA Secretary General since 2004. Before CIOPORA, Edgar worked as a lawyer at an international law firm specializing in IP protection, particularly Plant Breeders’ Rights, advising agricultural breeders in several hundred court cases up to the European Court of Justice. Edgar holds a law degree from the University of Bonn and a degree in business administration from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. He completed his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Farmers’ Exemption in Germany” at the Philipps University of Marburg.


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  • Nov 19 –Webinar 3: Advanced Introduction to NBT and other Molecular Breeding Technologies Leading to Potential EDVs

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In November 2019, the CIOPORA Academy education program on IP for plants was expanded with the distance learning offerings in form of Webinars. Each webinar is conducted in two sessions to cover all time zones, enabling participation from all locations worldwide.

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