Improve your knowledge on IP for plants and advance your career with certification from the CIOPORA Academy!  

Our unique education program on Intellectual Property (IP) for plants – The CIOPORA Academy, and its 2020 spin-off on the latest in breeding technologies – The CIOPORA Breeding Academy – offer three levels of certification: Competence, Advanced and Master. 

The participants receive credits for each webinar and workshop: 

  • Every webinar counts for 1 credit. 
  • Every workshop lecture counts for 1 credit.  
    Our workshops usually offer five to six lectures. 
Competence LevelAdvanced LevelMaster Level
12 credits24 credits36 credits

Due to the technical specialization, the CIOPORA Breeding Academy is certified separately from the IP-themed educational offerings. 

By attending the CIOPORA Academy and Breeding Academy workshops and webinars regularly, you can reach the first level of certification in one year

Please note that the CIOPORA Academy is not a certified educational entity. However, our certificates can be used to confirm your vocational training. Should you require a confirmation for educational purposes, we can provide documents detailing the lecture’s contents upon an individual request. 

In addition to the Competence, Advanced and Master Level Certificates, we are happy to issue a certificate confirming attendance after each Workshop or Webinar upon request.  

The CIOPORA Academy topics – Intellectual Property for plants (non-exclusive list):

Plant Breeders’ Rights/Plant Variety Protection:

  • Exceptions and limitations of PBR
  • Trial agreements and provisional protection
  • Breeder / Applicant / Breeding-results of employed breeders
  • Novelty (period of grace) in PBR and Plant Patents
  • Exhaustion of the Right
  • Cancellation and Nullity of PBR
  • Essentially Derived Varieties
  • Exceptions and limitations of PBR
  • Licensing of PBR
  • Enforcement of PBR & related troubleshooting

Trademarks for plant products:

  • Principles of Trademark protection
  • International registration of trademarks
  • Variety denominations vs. Trademarks
  • Enforcement of Trademarks

Other topics:

  • Basic principles of Plant Patents (in the U.S.A) and Utility Patents
  • Utility Patents for biotechnological innovations
  • Biodiversity: Access and Benefit Sharing
  • The basic principles of Customs law related to IP
  • Country specific facts on IP Protection for plant innovations
  • IP Rights and Competition law
  • Contract Law
  • Tax law
  • Additional protection instruments for IP (domain names, company names, trade secrets, unfair competition law etc.)
  • IP strategy, economic and fiscal evaluation of IP assets

The CIOPORA Breeding Academy topics (non-exclusive list):

  • Advanced Introduction to New Breeding Techniques
  • Molecular Breeding Techniques Leading to potential Essentially Derived Varieties
  • Marker-assisted Selection
  • Marker-assisted Breeding, etc.