FAQs – Event Cancellations

FAQs – Event Cancellations

Dear Participants,

Due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak and related risks, the Marrakesh Workshop on IP for Plants and the CIOPORA Breeding Academy have been cancelled.

Although we are announcing the cancellations with great disappointment, we strongly believe that it is the only reasonable decision in the present situation. Above all, your safety and health are CIOPORA’s main priorities.

Despite the cancellation of the face-to-face workshops, we are committed to delivering the education services to our participants. We have lanched a brand new webinar program for April – May 2020 and more webinars will be held later in 2020.

Please see below for our cancellation FAQs.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Workshop Cancellation – FAQs

More FAQs & Answers are coming soon…

Q1. I have booked a ticket/tickets for Marrakesh Workshop on IP for Plants / CIOPORA Breeding Academy. Can I receive a refund?

Yes, all refunds for the cancelled workshops have been authorized early in the third week of March. The refunds usually appear on your credit card statement ten days after the authorization. Please reach out to us via email if you have not received your refund yet.

The refunds are provided to all registered participants of the Marrakesh Workshop on IP for plants and the CIOPORA Breeding Academy in Marrakesh.

Q2. Will the cancelled Marrakesh Workshops be rescheduled?

We have assessed the feasibility of the workshop rescheduling and have chosen topics that we believe will provide great value in the form of webinars. Our newly launched April – May 2020 webinar program consists of four webinars on the topics previously included in the Marrakesh workshop program.

The webinar program will continue into 2020. Later in 2020, we shall reassess the situation for potential workshop scheduling in the second half of the year. Subscribe to our updates to stay up-to-date on the CIOPORA Academy developments.